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Since 1985, Active Pest Control has been working to eliminate the pest problems in Georgia. Active is a member of the Rentokil family and uses its Integrated Pest Management techniques to prevent, treat and eliminate all your pest problems. Technicians are highly-skilled and regularly trained and know the best solutions to getting rid of everything from ants to squirrels in the attic.

COST: 4/5


Active Pest Control is based in Georgia, and in 2022 merged with Bug Out and Allgood Pest Solutions to form one company. All three now fall under the Active Pest Control umbrella. Technicians strive to build relationships with their customers, and not just treat their home. Active prides itself on having long-time employees committed to the company and the customer. Technicians are knowledgeable, professional and reliable in their conduct and services.



  • Reliable and professional
  • Low employee turnover


  • Only services homes and businesses in Georgia
  • Certain branches services multiple parts of Georgia which could delay treatment and response

Features & Services

Active Pest Control provides year-round services for a wide variety of pests. They offer a free, no-obligation quote and inspection to first-time customers and offer regular specials and coupons on their website for services. In addition to common household pests like ants, roaches and spiders, they also offer plans to rid your home of bed bugs and termites. Active also offers wildlife prevention and elimination.

The company does offer a free inspection to new customers and promises to solve your problem or they will re-service your home or business for no additional charge. Active also offers the Active Pest Control Repair Warranty. It guarantees against any pest damage while you are under warranty.

Features & Services:


  • Year-round services
  • Regular specials and coupons
  • TAP Insulation offers extra protection


  • Guarantee for pest damage only active under warranty

Here are some of the highlights of Active Pest Control’s service offerings:

PestFree 365

Active offers a residential package that will keep you pest free all year long. There are three different options – one is just for general pest control, one adds mosquito treatment and the third includes mosquito and termite treatment.

TAP Insulation

Active Pest Control offers TAP Insulation services. TAP Insulation is considered better than traditional insulation installed in your home at the time it’s built. Not only is it a better insulator, it is pest-resistant so it helps prevent and control inspects on your property.

It’s easy to find Active Pest Control providers in your area

Search with your zip code to immediately find your closest pest control services

Customer Support & Reviews

For the most part, Active Pest Control technicians receive high marks for their attention to detail and their treatment plans. You will find customer complaints about billing issues. There are nearly two dozen complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau and the company has responded and tried to rectify the situation.

A recent merger with two other companies has created some issues with service and scheduling, but Active has worked diligently to fix the problem.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Technicians are seen as knowledgeable and professional


  • Multiple complaints about billing issues
  • Company merger has created some service and scheduling problems


You generally won’t find complaints about Active’s treatment methods. They seem to be highly effective, and technicians will re-service your home or business if the problem isn’t fixed.

We’ve used other pest control companies but none we’ve found do such a complete job and at a great price.

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Most pest control companies don’t list pricing on their website. Pest control isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem, so you can’t price it that way. Active does offer free quotes over the phone and by filling out a form on its website. Basic information you provide will give the company an idea of your house size and pest problem, and allow them to provide a ballpark figure for pest control.



  • Can receive free quote over the phone or by email


  • To receive a true cost, a technician must inspect your property

Free Inspections

​Active Pest Control offers free inspections. Not all pest control services offer this service. A technicians will arrive at your home or business, get some general information from you, provide a thorough inspection and then give you an assessment and solution that best fits your needs.


Active Pest Control has been servicing customers in Georgia since 1985. It offers full-service, environmentally responsible pest control, including for bed bugs and termites. Active is dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment methods, while providing top-notch customer service.

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