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Western Exterminator provides competitive services and rates for pest control throughout the
Western U.S., and they have provided consistent solutions for nearly 100 years.


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Western Exterminator provides competitive services and rates for pest control, and they have provided consistent solutions for nearly 100 years. Though their locations are limited to the western part of the United States and mainly metro areas, the company offers practical and targeted solutions to pest problems.

They provide multiple methods of extermination and prevention, have no annual contracts, is eco-friendly, and shows a genuine concern for customer issues. The company is capable of catering to both residential and commercial properties and treats the most common and unique pests throughout the Western region.

COST: 4.5/5


Western Exterminator has established a solid reputation in the western United States, with more than 60 locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The company prides itself on quality customer service with ease in scheduling appointments, as well as offering emergency services. Customers can rely on eco-friendliness that targets specific pests and at a competitive rate. The majority of customers agree that Western Exterminators provide a satisfactory experience, and the company always addresses negative reviews with concern and an eagerness to resolve any issues.


  • Multiple contact methods: Phone, email, and online chat.
  • The company strives to respond to issues and bad reviews.
  • Appointments are scheduled around the customer’s schedule


  • Only available in 6 states on the West Coast.
  • Some scheduling conflicts reported.
  • Locations are limited if outside of metro areas.

Features & Services

Western Exterminator offers eco-friendly pest control solutions, which provide less damaging methods and take into consideration homes, businesses, families, and pets.
Features & Services:


  • Free pest inspections and multiple plans offered.
  • Online resources, including educational blogs and online bill pay.
  • Eco-friendly solutions for most types of pests.


  • Services costs can be high for repeated visits.
  • Services limited to the west coast, mainly in metro areas.
  • Unclear on the specific training offered to employees and management.
The company provides services to get rid of common pests as well as less common intruders such as bats and birds. One-time treatments are available for situations that call for trapping and removal, as well as comprehensive plans that include regular visits and quick response to emergencies. Western Exterminator’s targeted pests include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Termites
  • Crawling Insects
  • Flying Insects
  • Rodents/Birds/Other

Green Pest Control

Western Exterminator also offers Green Pest Control that targets specific pests, reduces the use of pesticides, and has a lower risk to humans and the environment. When customers would like more education into the pest control methods that technicians use, they take the time to walk you through each process.

Technician Training

Western Exterminator employs more than 800 technicians who participate in ongoing education programs, which are known to exceed state licensing requirements. The company is also involved in science programs, kids clubs, and local business organizations dedicated to animal education.

It’s easy to find Western Exterminator providers in your area

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Customer Support & Reviews

Most reviews for Western Exterminator are positive, praising the company on excellent customer service and professionalism. Customers also agree that pest control treatments are ultimately effective. Some problems that occurred with a few customers included issues scheduling services. The company also sometimes outsources work to other companies, leaving some customers confused about varying policies. Western Exterminator met the majority of negative reviews listed online with a direct response, and Western Exterminator always seems eager to rectify any issues.
Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Customer Service Follow-up while addressing negative reviews.
  • Technicians offer education and preventative methods to customers.
  • Available by phone, email, and online chat.


  • Some pests did not go away after treatment.
  • Outsourcing of technicians can cause complications.
  • Some scheduling conflicts due to limited locations.

Punctuality & Professionalism

Customers overwhelmingly agree that Western Exterminator’s technicians and customer service representatives are professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. Punctuality is mostly excellent, but outsourcing and limited locations have resulted in some rescheduling conflicts.
The only issue we had was that our service appointment said the guy would be arrive between 2 and 4pm, and when it was almost 4, we had not heard from anyone. I had to call to see when he was coming, and he didn’t end up coming til almost 4:30. He did apologize for the inconvenience (apparently his previous appointment ran longer than anticipated), and was otherwise very courteous and professional
Jessica W.

Olympia, WA


Western Exterminator offers ongoing treatments and preventative services. Customers expressed that technicians are willing to try multiple methods to get rid of any stubborn pests.
Ana in customer service was very helpful, I accidentally hung up during the call and she called me right back which is rare for most companies.
Melissa F.

Brea, CA


Many reviews for Western Exterminator explain that certain pests were gone after one treatment, and more problem pests took a couple of visits to be fully resolved. The company will also follow-up with customers to check up on the situation, and will offer regularly scheduled appointments to keep recurring issues at bay. A few customers expressed that their pest problem didn’t go away, but Western Exterminator’s customer service representatives responded to provide a solution.
I am very impressed with Jason from Western Exterminator PNW. Jason spend quite some time going over our property explaining what he was looking for and what I should look for after he left. He explained the different types of ants (who knew there were pavement ants?) . He gave some great tips on keeping mice out of the home. I had no idea mice could enter a home through a dime size hole and, in addition to other things, you can use liquid nails?! I am very pleased with scheduling, arrival time, and educational treatment and yes, even the cost. I want to thank Jason and Western Exterminator for a complete job well done.
Rachel H.

Seattle, WA


Most pest control costs vary with Western Exterminator, but this is common with pest control companies. Technicians will offer free inspections, which helps provide a more accurate quote. Western Exterminator does provide free quotes over the phone, but these won’t be as specific until after a technician can conduct an inspection.

No annual contract is required, which means that final costs will most likely be lower. You may be able to choose a one-time treatment option for trapping and removal, especially if you’re dealing with a pest like birds or rodents. Otherwise, a comprehensive plan is still the best option for completely eradicating pests and preventing them in the future.

Western Exterminator’s website offers information about how pest type, infestation, treatment process, number of treatments, and property size are all factors that go into determining costs. Commercial properties also often require more follow-up, and different factors are involved in the treatment process if the business is a restaurant or medical establishment. Competitors often offer money-back guarantees, and Western Exterminator requires customers to sign up for their Pest365 program to qualify for a money-back guarantee. This program provides full preventative measures, regularly scheduled visits, and coverage for a multitude of pests.



  • Free inspections are offered.
  • Tips and information about costs and services provided on the company’s website.
  • No annual contracts.


  • Some customers reported billing issues or that they felt they were overcharged.
  • No money-back guarantee unless you sign up for the Pest365 program.
  • Difficult to estimate costs before inspection.


If you reside on the west coast, Western Exterminator is an excellent company to solve your pest problems. The company is dedicated to quality customer service, provides thorough education, eliminates the majority of pests, offers eco-friendly solutions, and are ultimately useful partners in pest control. You can count on excellent follow-through and genuine concern for customer issues, as well as competitive rates, compared to other companies.

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