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Presto-X provides common pest control services as well as targeted offerings like termite control.
Technicians ensure that customers can keep pests away for good.


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Our Review

Presto-X is in affiliation with Rentokil, which gives them more access to some of the highest-rated pest control treatments in the industry. As with many pest control companies, in addition to servicing residential areas, they also service businesses and commercial properties. Presto-X however, specializes in many highly regulated industries, including food processing, distribution, and storage; pharmaceutical and healthcare; and restaurants. Presto-X is located in 18 states and treats 36 of the most common household pests, such as cockroaches, termites, rodents, and mosquitoes.

COST: 3.5/5

Features & Services

Presto-X offers services that use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, which is becoming a standard across the pest control industry. IPM helps pest control companies keep customer’s homes pest-free efficiently. Presto-X technicians view each scheduled service as a time to thoroughly inspect the property, perform necessary treatments, and provide their customers with a full report after everything is complete. The majority of their locations are within the Central United States, including Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming.

Features & Services:


  • Covers 36 household pests
  • Offer year-round pest service


  • No information on satisfaction guarantee
  • Only located in 18 States


The Presto-X year-round service is called PestFree365 and keeps customers’ homes pest-free all day long for the whole year. PestFree365 includes highly trained and respected technicians, unlimited service calls with no extra cost, protection from the 36 most common pest including protection from bed bugs, family-friendly treatments with children and pets in mind, annual termite inspection, and more.

Termite Control

If and when technicians find termites in a customer’s home, Presto-X claims to go the extra mile to take care of termite problems. Technicians will develop a customized plan for their client, outlining the severity of the problem and where it is located. The Presto-X treatment their technicians are trained to use for baiting termites is the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System, and they have had plenty of success with it.

Additional Services

Not only will Presto-X take care of your pest control needs, but they also fumigate, offer vegetation management (weed management) without affecting the existing landscaping, and will tackle bed bug detection and elimination. In addition, they offer drain line and grease trap service with an eco-friendly and effective method, humane bird and bat control services and removal, and they have a wildlife control department. Plus, for their commercial customers, Presto-X offers specialized service for sanitation audits, and regulatory and third-party auditor compliance.

It’s easy to find Presto-X providers in your area

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Customer Support & Reviews

Presto-X customers review them with high marks for effective treatments and friendly, knowledgeable technicians. The company works hard to respond to the negative reviews and rectify any problems that customers have. Many of the complaints are about scheduling and technicians not showing up or not calling ahead. Some are also about billing where customers complain about being charged twice.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Effective treatments
  • Friendly technicians


  • Issues with billing
  • Issues with scheduling
  • Problems with technicians not showing up

Punctuality & Professionalism

Presto-X technicians undergo an extensive training program to be state certified and are licensed applicators, and they must continue further training to keep their certification. Customer reviews express gratitude for the knowledge each technician share, and that they take their time explaining what they are doing and make sure the job gets done right.

I’ve used Presto-X for almost 2 years. Eric, my technician is great. He loves what he does and is thorough. We had a mite problem last summer and he was able to clear it up. Otherwise we have regular monthly maintenance treatments for ants, spiders, rats and mice. So far, I haven’t seen any in my house! Must be working.

Karen F.

Denver, CO


Presto-X makes themselves available for emergency services and will respond within 24 hours for contracted clients. They state if you are unsatisfied with any pest treatment, you can ask for a second round of treatment if you’re within the guaranteed time period.


Customers state that Presto-X technicians have been friendly and efficient, be it residential or commercial calls, and work to educate their clients on what they can do to prevent some of the recurring pest problems, including issues that need to be fixed and addressed on their own.

Dyno Nobel has used Presto X for years controlling pigeons and rodents. Presto X has done an outstanding job at catching and managing the removal of the birds. Additionally, Presto X has been aggressive and successful at helping Dyno Nobel plant to manage rodent removal of highly infested locations. I highly recommend the use of Presto X because of their expertise in making an action plan for removal of pests and then meeting that plan’s standard of excellence.

Jeff C.

Dyno Nobel


Like most pest control companies, Presto-X is not upfront with prices of services or contracts on their website as costs will vary depending on location, infestation, and the size of your house, business, and property. It is also unclear if customers can request their services without a contract for those one-time problems or if the company offers free initial inspections. However, if customers do sign up for the PestFree365 annual plan, they will receive unlimited retreatments between scheduled treatments with no extra cost.



  • Unlimited retreatments for PestFree365 customers


  • Lack of information on offerings
  • Pricing details are not disclosed upfront


Presto-X offers a good range of pest-related and non-pest related services to their customers. They are owned by a more prominent company, which allows them access to some of the highest rated treatments in the industry. They state that first-time customers can get an instant quote for pest control or termite extermination, however, their website lacks information about their guarantees, cost-saving offerings, or liability insurance, leaving it up to the customers to call for more details. It could be that the company focuses on bigger pest problems as the majority of their positive reviews have come from commercial and industrial businesses.

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