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Since 1928, Ehrlich has been helping people across the Eastern United States get rid of pests. Ehrlich recently joined the Rentokil family and stand out among competitors by providing excellent service paired with an innovative and integrated approach to pest control treatments while drawing on their overhead company’s resources for training and administration.

COST: 4.5/5


Ehrlich is based mostly in the eastern United States and has built up a solid reputation for reliability. Online customers give high praise to Ehrlich technicians for arriving promptly and providing courteous service. The reviewers claim fewer issues due to Ehrlich’s persistence than reviewers among their competition. Along with being prompt and courteous, many of Ehrlich’s technicians receive praise for their professionalism and knowledge about the service and the pests they are exterminating.



  • Reliable and professional
  • Provide effective services


  • Only located in the eastern United States
  • Not many branches in the locations they do serve

Features & Services

Ehrlich provides pest control services to many common household pests. They offer a free initial inspection, individualized attention, and innovative service packages. Along with common household pests, ants, rodents, fleas, and ticks – to name a few – they have further services that will help you get rid of more stubborn pests like bedbugs, termites, fabric pests, and woodworms. They even have services that take care of wildlife, taking into consideration the pest obstacles that might arise living in or near the countryside. When it comes to wildlife pests, their technicians look at options of dispelling and discouraging animals from your home and property, not just elimination.

Ehrlich’s commercial pest control follows the same standards as residential. Technicians are polite, knowledgeable, prompt, and punctual, providing service with integrity; an important commodity in today’s business world.

Features & Services:


  • Free initial inspection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Customers satisfied with professional service


  • Training commitment is smaller than competitors
  • Some online reviewers found services more expensive than others

Here are some of the highlights of Ehrlich’s service offerings:

Free Inspections and Guarantees

Ehrlich offers free initial inspections that allow a technician to come out to your home and provide you with an accurate quote of the work that needs to be done on the property. After the first 30 days of receiving a service, you can call an Ehrlich tech to come out and treat for any pest problems that have come up since the treatment. If, for any reason, after those first 30 days you are still unsatisfied with the treatment, Ehrlich will refund you the cost of your service.

Personalized, Professional Service

A quick survey of online reviews shows Ehrlich’s secret to success: skilled and respectful technicians. Customers are delighted with the company’s top of the line technicians that undergo continuous education under Ehrlich’s meticulous Career Advancement program and ongoing training programs. Technicians focus on either commercial or residential pest control. The residential technicians train specially to provide services safe for children and pets.

Additional Services

Ehrlich offers several services in addition to pest control, including bioremediation. Bioremediation is an innovative technique to chronic drain clogs that releases microorganisms into drainpipes to feed on fat, oil, and grease build-up that has occurred over the years.

It’s easy to find Ehrlich providers in your area

Search with your zip code to immediately find your closest pest control services

Customer Support & Reviews

Ehrlich consistently rates high on review sites with consumers praising technicians in particular and applauding the effectiveness and efficiency of Ehrlich’s treatment. Others commend the pressure-free nature of the service treatment and for technicians’ help in heading off future pest issues.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Knowledgeable and friendly technicians
  • Effective services


  • Complaints about administrative and scheduling errors

Punctuality & Professionalism

Ehrlich’s technicians are complimented time and time again for their understanding of pests and their ability to answer questions thoroughly and professionally. And while some customers took issue with their technicians’ punctuality, most feedback was regarding the professionalism of the frontline employees. Once technicians arrived, they were friendly, knowledgeable, and provided effective services that rid of the pests from people’s homes.

I cannot say enough about our service technician. He is thorough and always on time in everything that he does. As a business owner, I appreciate this type of service and integrity.


Tampa, FL

Persistence and Effectiveness

There weren’t complaints about Ehrlich’s pest control services not being effective. Most customers who reviewed Ehrlich were surprised by how quickly the pests were taken care of.

Great service! Your technician contacted me directly and worked with my schedule. He’s friendly and knowledgeable. He checked all areas around the house and answered all questions. Thank you!

Kevin H.

Atlanta, GA


Costs can be a tricky part of comparing companies because of the nature of the work. Pest issues are hard to estimate until a technician comes out to assess the size of the property and see how much damage there is. Some companies make this process very difficult and frustrating. Ehrlich is not one of those companies.



  • Help customers keep costs lower with a free initial inspection
  • No contracts for yearly pest services
  • Flexible pest protection without monthly requirements


  • Customers have mentioned higher price points for Ehrlich services

Free Inspections

Ehrlich offers free initial inspections, while many companies do not. These inspections allow an Ehrlich technician to give you the most accurate quote possible without tying you down to any payment.

PestFree 365

Ehrlich does not insist on you purchasing an annual plan to receive the best pest control options. They offer a flexible service called PestFree365 instead. This service includes regularly scheduled visits to your home to search for and fix potential points of entry for pests, a free annual termite inspection, and bed bug treatment if necessary. If you choose to use the PestFree365 service, you also get free unlimited service calls without a long-term contract.


Ehrlich’s services are highly respected. Their knowledgeable, informative technicians, flexible buying options, and the large number of services they offer put them in line with their national competitors. They provide an innovative pest control treatment plan that online commenters routinely praise. Despite their limited geographical range, they can easily compete with their larger competitors.

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