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Arrow Exterminators services homes with decades of experience.
Customers and industry awards have both recognized the company for diligence and success.


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Our Review

Arrow has been servicing homes with pest control issues since 1964. Even though they are only available in 11 states, they are rated as one of the top pest control companies on the Better Business Bureau’s website and come in as the sixth largest pest control company in the United States and the second largest privately owned.

COST: 3.5/5

Features & Services

Arrow Exterminators treat for a wide range of household pests such as spiders, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, mice, and more. They also offer wildlife control and work to eliminate future infestations, and provide specialized home services like handyman repair and replacement, lawn care (maintenance, prevention, and control), insulation for your home and attic, and moisture services including foundation and crawl spaces.

Features & Services:


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free initial inspections
  • Environmentally friendly products


  • Focuses on regional pests
  • Only available in 11 states
  • Does not disclose details of its contracts


Arrow’s STEPS program stands for Sustainability Through Environmental Practices and Solutions™. This program was introduced in 2009 and was created to provide customers of Arrow with an environmentally friendly way to take care of pest issues for a healthier home, community, and planet. Arrow technicians go above and beyond when they use the STEPS method. They find the real cause of the problem to not only resolve current issues but help prevent any future recurrence.

Arrow’s Guarantee

All of Arrow’s services are backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee that lasts for 30 days after the first treatment. As a part of this guarantee, you will receive free re-treatments until the problem is solved or your money back for the service.

Free Inspections

One of the most essential services that pest control companies can offer is free initial inspections. Arrow provides a free home evaluation for any customer looking to use them for pest control. Technicians from Arrow provide a thorough inspection of your home to show you all the warning signs of common pests.

It’s easy to find Arrow Exterminators providers in your area

Search with your zip code to immediately find your closest pest control services

Customer Support & Reviews

Arrow technicians and staff are consistently praised for their professionalism, friendly service, and thorough examinations and treatments. They offer full service in pest control, termite protection, mosquito prevention and control, and wildlife control. All their services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Free re-services if treatment is unsatisfactory
  • Punctual, professional technicians
  • Familiarity with a technician for a more personalized solution


  • Some customers are unhappy with effectiveness over time
  • Some scheduling mishaps are reported

Punctuality & Professionalism

Most reviewers call their technicians out by name on review sites, complementing them and the company for how professional and thorough their techs are when completing an examination or treatment.

Travis is very, very, thorough with [his] examination, treatment and explanations of any current or on-going problems. We really enjoy his professionalism. I am impressed with this level of service.

Ernest B

Brentwood, TN

Persistence and Effectiveness

Customers loved how quickly Arrow technicians were able to come out to treat the issues they were having. Techs are seen as proactive, efficient, and courteous.

I am so pleased and impressed by the service I received from Lamaine R. I am a renter and my landlord got Arrow for us. In my previous location we were serviced by Orkin and my mother had Terminix. Arrow is superior to Orkin and Terminix. With Lamaine our problem with ants was solved from his first visit. He came back to check to if the problem was solved and had someone checked on the problem. I have never received such thorough and good service like that. Lamaine is an exceptional person. This is the best service I ever received. Arrow is the best.

Saundra P.


Arrow has been family owned for over 50 years. Even though the company doesn’t cover all of the United States, they push the family aspect through all of their work. Technicians receive high praise for their friendly attitudes and the respectful way they treat their customers’ homes. Arrow technicians push for excellent service every time, and that is how they keep customers, calling them instead of any other pest control company.


Like most pest control companies, Arrow does not put pricing on their website due to the number of variables that would cause the prices to fluctuate. However, we did come across a rough estimate of $125 for a one-time basic visit (with a 30-day guarantee) or $300 for a year agreement ($75 each trip for four visits) in Atlanta, GA.

Arrow provides free inspections, which can be hard to come across with other pest control companies. Free inspections are crucial when choosing a company to take care of pest issues. You never really know how much work to be done or damage there is until a professional comes to take a look at your property. Free inspections can help keep costs down for customers, and that alone helps set Arrow apart from other major companies.

Unlike quite a few other companies, Arrow also doesn’t make you sign up for an annual contract. They allow you to receive treatment as necessary and on your terms. Along with no annual contracts, they provide a 30-day guarantee. If your home still has pests running around, Arrow will come out and retreat the problem as many times as necessary at no cost to you within 30 days of your initial treatment. This guarantee is standard across the pest control market but combined with free inspections and no annual contracts, it shows that Arrow is looking out for their customers.



  • Free Inspections
  • 30-day guarantee
  • No annual contracts


  • Specifics on warranty are unclear
  • Pricing options are not available beforehand


Arrow is a family-owned and operated exterminating company who makes sure their customers are happy. Their service is thorough, efficient, and effective without up-selling products that their customers don’t need. They only service the southern region of the United States, but that doesn’t stop them from being a competitor with the larger companies in that area. It would behoove them, however, to be more forthcoming and transparent with their contracts, pricing, and satisfaction guarantee.

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