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Clark Pest Control services California and Nevada with excellent customer service and green solutions for your lawn
and your pest problems. The company has worked since 1950 to provide effective solutions.


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Our Review

Clark Pest Control is one of the largest family-owned pest control and turf-and-ornamental lawn care providers located in California and Northwestern Nevada. They focus on excellent customer service and green solutions for your lawn and your pest problems. The company was founded in 1950 by two World War II veterans and has grown from a two-man shop to 28 locations. Clark Pest Control also claims to have the most GreenPro-certified technicians on board.

COST: 5/5

Features & Services

Clark Pest Control treats termites, fleas, bedbugs, rodents, birds, spiders, and other common pests. They also offer the best in lawn and garden care, working to keep your outdoor property as healthy and pest-free as your indoor. Plus, they treat commercial property with equal integrity and professionalism, knowing that businesses are just as susceptible to pest issues that crop up in the home.

Features & Services:


  • Informative website
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • No contracts required
  • Free initial inspection


  • Unclear satisfaction guarantee
  • Only located in California and Northwestern Nevada

Year-Round-Pest-Away Service

Clarks’ Year-Round-Pest-Away service starts with a free inspection, then they design a personalized plan and use highly trained technicians to ensure a pest-free home. This service is a scheduled treatment service to make sure you stay pest-free all year long. You can also call for a one-time treatment without signing up for the yearly plan as Clark technicians won’t pressure customers to sign up.

Pest Glossary

The pest glossary on the Clark website helps inform visitors and customers of the different kinds of pests specific to the area so that they know what they are dealing with in or around their home. The pest glossary offers information on each pest’s behavior, physical characteristics, and how to best treat them. There is also a section on the website that offers DIY Green Pest Control Tips, to educate and inform the public of ways to care for themselves and the environment they inhabit.

Lawn Care

Clark technicians also work to keep your lawn and gardens healthy, green, weed-free, and pest-free. They take special care with your trees and shrubs, use high quality, customized fertilizers that address the specific requirements of west coast lawns, and provide efficient weed control. Clark’s lawn care services are customizable in that you can combine any lawn and garden service, with pest control, and/or termite control.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Clark Pest Control guarantees their word that if you aren’t happy with your service from them, they will make it right if you let them know. This guarantee isn’t clear, however, as to what they will do for you if you are unhappy with their work.

Bug Zoo

Giving back to the community, Clark’s Pest Control hosts an outreach program for grades three to six to share information and give the kids a chance to interact with some of the more interesting bugs on the planet. The program is offered to private and public school and covers such topics as insect and spider anatomy, what they eat, how they defend themselves, and where they live. The outreach includes a presentation, a handling demo, insect tattoos, activity and coloring books, and more.

It’s easy to find Clark Pest Control providers in your area

Search with your zip code to immediately find your closest pest control services

Customer Support & Reviews

Clark Pest Control receives high marks for its customer service and the excellent work of its technicians. Where typically you would see a large number of complaints on review websites, such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, Clark technicians are praised for their services.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Friendly, knowledgeable, professional technicians and customer service members
  • Effective treatments


  • Some customers complained about the local offices’ phone operators

Punctuality & Professionalism

The technicians that work for Clark Pest Control are thorough, friendly, and punctual. They are all very knowledgeable in their work and take care of pest problems for clients promptly. Reviewers call out their techs by name for the excellent service they provided.

I called Clark Pest Control on Friday and Aaron was on it the next day. He found I have ants already hanging outside and in the pine trees. I signed up for the service the same day. Thanks Clarks Pest Control

Debbie W.

Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA

Persistence and Effectiveness

Clark has its treatments perfected. They work hard and keep pest situations under control. Their treatments keep customers coming back even if they left to try a different company. That shows a true testament to the effectiveness of Clark’s pest control solutions.

I have to admit, I left Clark to go elsewhere (just to get better pricing) and it was a disaster. I rehired Clark and the infestation is under control again. They do a great job maintaining. So much so that you’ll think you don’t need them anymore. They’ve got their work cut out for them with these relentless pests.

Gia D.

San Jose, CA


Clark Pest Control has proven themselves to their customers to be a reliable company when they require services. With their same day free initial inspection, you could have your pest problem fixed in no time. Reviewers complimented Clark technicians were on time to scheduled visited every quarter, and they were glad to see the same face almost every time.


Comparing the cost of pest control companies is difficult. Many of them don’t put prices online, and Clark is one of those companies. There are too many variables for pest control companies to account for when pricing, which keeps them from posting prices on their websites. However, Clark does offer free initial inspections, and they go the extra mile to make them same-day appointments. They also have been reported by customers to come in at about half of the big company competitors’ prices. They offer a satisfaction guarantee that is industry standard, but their website doesn’t state clearly about how to fix a problem if you aren’t satisfied.



  • Free same-day initial inspections
  • Reasonably priced according to customers


  • Costs can still vary considerably


Clark Pest Control receives high marks for its excellent customer service and knowledgeable technicians. If you have a pest problem, Clark will be there the same day to give you a free initial inspection and set you up with the right treatments.

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