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Cook’s Pest Control services the southeastern region of the United States. They’re a quality company with
excellent customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and competitive pricing.


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Our Review

Cook’s Pest Control services the southeastern region of the United States (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee). However, even with their limited reach, they are a quality company with excellent customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and competitive pricing. Operating since 1928, Cook’s Pest Control has been awarded the National Torch Award, which is the highest honor given for business ethics by the Better Bureau Branch. It’s this recognition, along with nine decades of experience and exceptional customer service, that they remain an industry leader for thousands of homeowners and businesses.

COST: 4.5/5

Features & Services

Cook’s Pest Control treats for a wide range of pests, including rodents, termites, and ticks. In fact, they employ entomologists who are experts in the identification, biology, and behavior of over 50 insect pests. All technicians undergo comprehensive training – both in the classroom and the field – and must receive recertification on a regular basis. With that kind of knowledge behind their technicians, Cook’s endeavor to offer the most efficient and safest treatment possible for your peace of mind. In addition to common household pests, Cook’s also provides services like foundation and crawlspace services.

Features & Services:


  • Free in-home inspection
  • Four-Step Protection process
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Not a standard full refund guarantee
  • Only available in the Southeast

Free In-Home Inspection

Cook’s offers free in-home inspections, which allows one of their technicians to thoroughly check the property to assess which treatments are necessary for your home. They also provide the option to request a free quote online.

Four-Step Protection Process

They also follow a four-step protection process to help keep your home pest-free. The four steps are inspection, interior treatment, perimeter treatment, and the final stage of monitoring and prevention. With these four steps, Cook’s effectively keeps your home free and clear of any annoying pests.

Foundation and Crawlspace Services

Cook’s knows the damage pests can wreak on your home and foundation, so in addition to treating for these pests, they also offer services to avoid any further damages. Temperature controlled vents and moisture barriers help to reduce the moist conditions which attract wood-destroying insects. And crawlspace doors help to better access your home and protect from potential termite infiltrations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Cook’s Pest Control is a family-run company, and they like to keep their reputation in good standing. The satisfaction guarantee states if you aren’t happy with your service, they will refund 10 percent of your last months’ fee and give you a month for free.

It’s easy to find Cook’s Pest Control providers in your area

Search with your zip code to immediately find your closest pest control services

Customer Support & Reviews

Cook’s Pest Control customers praise the company and technicians on their ability to treat pest issues with friendly, professional service. Because Cook’s is a franchise company, there can be some negative trends with individual branches. Most of these negative reviews have talked about issues with billing and scheduling and less about the actual service itself. Reviews commended Cook’s on their competitive pricing, customer service representatives, and how dependable their technicians are.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Dependable technicians
  • Competitive pricing
  • Helpful customer service reps


  • Customers reported issues with billing
  • Franchise model business

Punctuality & Professionalism

There was a consistent trend in positive reviews that came from customers pleased with their Cook’s technicians. Consumers frequently praised the technicians’ punctuality, professionalism, and kindness. Several customers mentioned that their technicians were always on time, were incredibly knowledgeable about pest control, and happy to share information and answer questions.

Just now Cook’s were always there when my wife & I needed them taking care of all our pest control needs. Awesome company very dependable, great service, & competitive pricing. Customers Service has always been helpful & friendly. Keep up the fantastic service.


Murfreesboro, TN

Persistence & Effectiveness

Customers stated time and again the technician’s efficiency and knowledge, and timely response to a call, pulling out all the stops to get the issue dealt with. That they explained what they were doing and why, and also gave tips the customer could use to lessen the problem. Customers who set up regular visits enjoyed the consistency and were pleased with the routines – knowing who and when would be coming, and felt that routine was protected and valued.

I had a carpenter ant problem. Brandon came, checked my house, did that voodoo he does inside and outside and I haven’t had any carpenter ants since. I also signed up for termite control with Cook’s. Called, made appointment, Brandon arrived on time, did a thorough look-see inside and outside, confirmed the carpenter ant problem and then proceeded to treat it and told me what to do to prevent it going forward. He also did a thorough search for all other pests and found spiders and a wasps’ nest. He resolved all these issues. He returns monthly. I like that it is the same person every month. It helps to develop a relationship. I also signed up for termite prevention service.


New customers expressed delight with the responsiveness and courtesy of the staff, stating that technicians were always on time, and were informative and very friendly. Most importantly, they shared their satisfaction with the end results of treatment.


Due to variables such as type of pest, size of the property, and amount of damage, pest control prices can range significantly. Cook’s Pest Control has done an excellent job of helping customers shop around and control costs. They offer a free online quote and a free in-home inspection. Both can help customers decide if Cook’s is the right company for them and allow the customer to find out what is going on in their home.



  • Free in-home inspection
  • Free online quotes


  • Online reviews mentioned extreme cancellation fees


Cook’s Pest Control may have a limited range of services, but they have a reputation for being dependable in the six southern states they serve. With their excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and free in-home inspection, they are hard to beat. They have trained their technicians to be knowledgeable and skilled in handling pests that are local to the region so that their customers can be pest-free.

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