How Much Does Pest Control Cost? | 2020 Guide to Pricing

How much is pest control? Such a common question is surprisingly difficult to answer online. You can easily search through multiple company websites and compare different treatment methods, but it’s still hard to understand reasonable costs for pest control.

Pest Control Pricing

You might be wondering if pest control is worth it in the first place. When you look at the initial costs of DIY solutions, a $20 bottle of pesticide seems much more reasonable than hiring an exterminator. However, hiring a pest control specialist can become one of your best investments in protecting your home. If pests aren’t properly eradicated, their potential damage could be compounded within your home. Furthermore, you may be risking potential danger to your pets and family.

To understand pest management costs, it’s vital to understand the value of keeping your home safe. Investing upfront means you’re protecting yourself from even bigger costs down the line in the form of extensive damage. Luckily, there are a variety of factors to consider before choosing a pest control company so that you can understand the value you’re receiving for the cost.

Cost and Frequency

Frequency is one of the main factors that will determine your cost of pest control. If you can identify an infestation early on, you may only need a one-time visit or treatment. On the other hand, many geographies foster the perfect climate for recurring pests. Even if you deal with a pest problem once, your safest bet could be paying for retreatments that will keep them away for good. Keep in mind additional factors such as your location, the type of pest, size of infestation, the square feet of your home, and the current amount of damage. These will all be considered into your total cost.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the initial quote you receive may not be as accurate as possible. Most companies will provide a free estimate, but not all include a free inspection during the initial visit. It isn’t until a technician can identify the full scope of the problem that you’ll receive the most accurate quote possible.

A typical one-time visit for pest control services costs an average of $350-$550. Though this option may be selected because of a small infestation, pest control companies will often charge you more than if you were to opt-in to a recurring plan. With a recurring plan, your initial visit will probably cost about $180. With a recurring treatment plan, the periodic visits will also vary in cost depending on how often an exterminator needs to come to your home. Monthly visits are around $40, semi-monthly come out about $60, and quarterly visits are closer to $100-$300.

The size of your home is a factor because it will require additional labor and materials to treat a bigger area. Some companies may tack on an extra fee for homes that are bigger than pre-approved square footage. Usually, this fee is only an additional $25.

Annually, most homeowners pay in the range of $60-$225 for exterminators, with $111 as the national average. In the long-term, this is a small price to pay to avoid thousands of dollars in damage control and home repairs.

More severe pest problems will also have different costs associated with them outside of a standard prevention contract. If you have a bed bug problem, you may be paying around $75 for 45-minute increments of labor. Termite control is roughly $120-$150 on average, though customers have reported bills up to $500 or more when extensive fumigation is required.

When it comes to wildlife removal, the costs tend to be higher than pest control on average. This is because wildlife animals can be harder to identify, trap, and exclude. They require more labor-intensive techniques, such as trapping and relocation, as well as additional work to fully secure your home. One-time animal removal costs are usually between $200 to $350 for common problems. If you’re dealing with a nest of wild animals or continuous problems, wildlife treatment plans may be $400-$600 to cover follow-up visits and prevention methods.

What is the Cost of Pest Control?

  • Average exterminator costs: $60-$225
  • Single service cost: $350-$550
  • Cost of initial visit in full treatment option: $180
  • Monthly pest control costs: $40
  • Semi-monthly pest control costs: $60
  • Quarterly pest control posts: $100-300
  • Bed bug pricing: $75 per service increment
  • Termite control pricing: $120-$150
  • One-time wildlife removal: $200-$350
  • Wildlife treatment plans: $400-$600
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Ongoing Treatment

Some pest control treatments can be completed in a single visit - usually if this is the removal of a single nest or treatment of one affected area. However, ongoing treatment is generally recommended as the best value for protecting your home long-term.

Common pests like carpenter ants, cockroaches, or mosquitoes have seasons where they’re more of a problem than others. You may eradicate mosquitoes around your home this summer, but that doesn’t ensure they’ll stay away next year. The only way to guarantee year-round protection is to invest in an ongoing treatment plan with the pest company that’s right for you.

The Hidden Cost of Pests

At surface level, you may think the costs of a pest problem will be limited to the pesticide or treatment methods used and labor of the technician you hire. Unfortunately, there are hidden costs you may not consider that can add up quickly. Significant pest problems can cause damage to your home foundation, furniture, and even clothing. The diseases associated with pests and rodents can also cause health problems among your pets and family. Your best bet is taking care of an infestation immediately and ensuring it doesn’t return.


Rodents are known to be common carriers of hantavirus, plague, tularemia, salmonella, and rabies. Mice and rats can chew through furniture and other items in your household, costing hundreds for replacements. An even bigger problem is when they chew through electrical wiring, which can cause dangerous house fires. Wherever they go, they leave their fur and body waste that contains bacteria and viruses. With large infestations, it’s easy for their waste to make its way into your food and water.

With rodent infestations usually come additional pests as well. One female mouse is capable of producing five to ten litters each year, and each litter consists of 5 to 6 offspring. Even worse is that the babies are capable of reproducing after just 30 years. After that math, you could be facing 25 to 60 mice per month. Such a numerous amount will then attract fleas or flies.


Carpenter ants chew through the wood foundation of your home, which can cause significant damage to its structure. They may cause similar problems as termites, which cost billions in global damage each year. The damage from these insects could even go beyond that of an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado.

Bed bugs are another big problem that could cost you thousands to get rid of. Not only are they a danger to your health with the itchy bites they cause, but they’re also a hassle to exterminate. Letting a bed bug infestation get too big could require lengthy fumigation services that may require you to move you out of your home for a period of time.

The Price of Your Peace of Mind

If you see one cockroach or fly now and then, it isn’t cause for alarm. However, keep track of the amount and frequency that you spot pests in your home. More than a couple a week is a sure sign of a possible infestation. You may think DIY methods are more budget-friendly and less stressful on the bank but taking proper precautions will save you much more money in the long run.

Any pest control company will work with you and your budget to decide if a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual plan is what you need. They will work toward eradicating your problem and preventing additional pests in the most efficient way possible. To find out how much pest control will cost you, speak to a variety of different providers in your area and give them as much information as possible. With the option to choose from multiple quotes, you’ll know you’re making the best decision. When it comes to your peace of mind and the safety of your family, you’ll know when the right pest control company is offering the best value.

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