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Ja-Roy Pest Control opened its doors in 1957 and has grown to become a trusted pest control company in southern Louisiana. Technicians are knowledgeable and professional and provide safe and effective pest control methods that are safe for your family, your pet and the environment. Ja-Roy promises customers they will be completely satisfied, and if not, technicians will continue to return until the problem is resolved.

COST: 4/5


All companies strive to be reliable and on time, but Ja-Roy Pest Control takes things a step farther. The company promises to be on time for every appointment scheduled with you. If they are late or don’t show, then the service is free. That kind of promise is rare in an industry where the situation may change hourly for technicians.



  • Free service if the technician is late or doesn’t show


  • While the promise of promptness is admirable, technicians may be rushed through a job to avoid being late for their next appointment

Features & Services

Unlike many pest control companies, Ja-Roy Pest Control is locally-owned and operated. This allows Ja-Roy to take a hometown approach with its customers they may not receive from other companies. Ja-Roy may not offer as many services as some other companies, but technicians still provide top-notch pest control. The lists of pests they treat is comparable to other companies. They also offer wildlife removal for those who may need it.

Ja-Roy promises you will be satisfied with their services or they will return and continuing working on the problem until you are satisfied. The company also promises they will be on time for every appointment or the service will be free.

Features & Services:


  • TAP Insulation installation for pest prevention


  • Don’t offer as many options or services as other pest control companies

Here are some of the highlights of Ja-Roy‘s service offerings:

TAP Insulation Option to Prevent Pests

Ja-Roy Pest Control has an insulation service that will help keep pests from getting inside your home. TAP Insulation is made from recycled materials and can be applied directly over your existing insulation. It contains a borate-based pest control product built into the insulation. Pests are unable to tolerate the product, so the insulation actually repels them. The insulation will also help cut down on your utility costs, reduce noise and provide fire safety.

Wildlife Removal

Ja-Roy offers wildlife removal to customers and residents in southern Louisiana. A specialist will come to your home and identify what type of animal you’re dealing with and then recommend a specific plan to capture it. Once the animal is trapped, it will be safely removed from property. Ja-Roy will also determine and eliminate the food and shelter source that may have drawn the animal to your property to begin with to prevent any future issues.

It’s easy to find Ja-Roy Pest Control providers in your area

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Customer Support & Reviews

By and large, customers are extremely happy with the services that Ja-Roy provides. Ja-Roy has loyal and years-long customers, who may change houses, but they don’t change pest control companies. It is difficult to find negative reviews about Ja-Roy online, most of the comments are glowing recommendations for the company.

Ja-Roy offers free, no-obligation quotes and promises to be on time, every time you schedule a service of its free.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Long-standing customer base
  • Free, no-obligation quotes


  • Don’t offer a comprehensive year-round program for pest control like other companies

Trustworthy and Reliable

You’ll find that Ja-Roy’ customers are very happy with their technicians. They are considered to be trustworthy and reliable, knowledgeable and professional.

Outstanding service. We’ve been using them for years.


Google Reviewer

Termites gone! Great, quick service at an affordable price! I was assured the termites would not return! My house is now protected! Thanks, Ja-Roy!


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No home or pest problem is the same so, you won’t find a pricing list on the Ja-Roy website. You can receive a free, no-obligation quote by phone or email. A form exists on the website where you can make a request for services and a Ja-Roy representative will call you back within an hour to get it scheduled. Reviews online are complimentary of the cost compared to other companies.



  • Free, no-obligation quote by phone or email
  • Calls to schedule services returned within an hour


  • Do not offer free initial inspection like many other pest control companies


Ja-Roy Pest Control has been in business for more than 60 years. It’s commitment to provide safe and effective pest control and prevention has resulted in a loyal customer base, who is complimentary of its techniques and technicians.

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