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Our Review

Orkin was one of the first companies to offer pest control services in the United States, and for over 100 years, Orkin has expanded into nearly every state. It is a comprehensive pest control company that has built up a full range of treatment services. They have also led the industry in training and research on the most effective approaches in pest control. These features make Orkin a reliable choice in almost every area of the country.

COST: 4.5/5


Orkin has earned an outstanding reputation as the pest control company with the highest industry standard of technician training programs. Among online reviews, the majority of customers were delighted with their technician’s friendliness and professionalism, with only a few complaints about the effectiveness of Orkin’s treatments or about pest problems going unsolved. Considering the number of offices it runs, regions and environments it serves, and the wide variety of pests it treats, Orkin does not disappoint among reviewers and customers.



  • Professional and knowledgeable technicians
  • Wide variety of pests
  • Serves a large area of the country
  • Highly accessible


  • Reviewers felt customer service was lacking
  • Treatments not always 100% effective
  • Not available in all states

Features & Services

Orkin’s team provides treatments for all common household pests, and offers a long list of services to match most of their competition. To keep their role as an industry leader, Orkin relies heavily on its AIM approach with every service they offer and also rely on intensive training of their technicians. Beyond the employees in the field, Orkin also employees a staff of entomologists and other experts in order to maintain quality. Finally, their money-back guarantee stands out among the competition.

Features & Services:


  • Offers comprehensive expertise against a wide variety of pests
  • Focuses on training and teaching technicians to the highest standards
  • Moving towards cleaner pest control treatments


  • Doesn’t have the strongest commitment to green treatments

Here are a few of the main pests that Orkin provides treatments for:

  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Stinging pests
  • Wildlife
  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • Earwigs

Technician Training

Orkin values their technician training and education above many other companies, requiring that their employees acquire over 160 hours of rigorous training in their first year. This is twice what many other companies call for and helps make sure that pest control professionals have an extensive understanding of any pest they may come across.

Many technicians form their skills at the company’s own state-of-the-art training facility, which is the 26,000-square-foot Rollins Learning Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility includes full-scale models of kitchens, hotel rooms, locker rooms, pharmacies, and even a full-sized house. This allows the technicians to understand where to inspect in any situation and the signs they need to know for pest identification.


Orkin offers a free consultation and provides each homeowner with a customized quote along with a 30-day money-back guarantee in the case you are unsatisfied with the service provided. If you find any new pests in this timeframe, they will send out technicians at no cost to you to fix the problem. Orkin will even offer to pay a competitor to service the property if a customer is not satisfied with their service.

Additional Services

Orkin has adopted Integrated Pest Management practices that teach their technicians how to identify causes of pest problems and implement solutions for ongoing prevention. They also use targeted treatments that are made with the safest chemicals in order to keep environmental damage to a minimum. As a natural extension of their focus on pest control, Orkin offers insulation services, including installing their proprietary insulation all while inspecting and remedying for gaps or other flaws in the home. This service ensures that pests aren’t given the opportunity to enter a home.

It’s easy to find Orkin providers in your area

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Customer Support & Reviews

The most recurring theme in reviews of many different Orkin locations was technicians’ professionalism, punctuality, and the thoroughness they provided in treating pest issues when they arose. On the downside, there were some reports that technicians didn’t take the full scheduled time to inspect or treat a property. This causes many customers to think they aren’t doing the job as thoroughly as possible, though some technicians may just be more efficient in inspection and treatment.

Customer Support & Reviews:


  • Offers comprehensive expertise against a wide variety of pests
  • Focuses on training and teaching technicians to the highest standards
  • Moving towards cleaner pest control treatments


  • Doesn’t have the strongest commitment to green treatments

Punctuality & Professionalism

There was a consistent trend in positive reviews that came from customers pleased with their Orkin technicians. Consumers frequently praised the technicians’ punctuality, professionalism, and kindness. Several customers mentioned that their technicians were always on time, were incredibly knowledgeable about pest control, and happy to share information and answer questions.

I was helped immediately when I called Orkin for pest control. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions and did a great job! I would recommend them to my friends and family

Tracy H.

Draper, UT


In the positive reviews about Orkins’ service, customers consistently said the technicians were extremely determined in getting the job done well and were always happy to return if a customer was not satisfied. For those who purchased an annual plan, the technicians showed up to on time for quarterly treatments consistently and worked hard to eradicate any problems. Some reviewers, however, did feel that their technicians took less time to inspect or treat than the problem required.

Very reliable and courteous – have kept home pest free for many years.


Mount Vernon, WA


Comparing pest control costs can be problematic, given how pest control problems always vary based on the specific afflictions of the property, the region it’s in, and the type of pest involved. For that reason, it’s crucial that companies provide initial estimates to allow consumers to compare prices particular to their needs. Orkin provides a free consultation, but not necessarily a free initial inspection, unlike some of the competition. On the other hand, Orkin’s 30-day guarantee stands out in the pest control industry: very few companies offer to pay a competitor to service a problem that they couldn’t fix, and that shows that Orkin is confident in the value of their services and their customers’ satisfaction.



  • 30-day guarantee
  • Free estimates
  • Will pay a competitor to fix a problem they couldn’t resolve


  • Doesn’t offer a free initial inspection like other companies
  • Customers found Orkin to be on the higher end of estimates


Orkin is a well known household name in pest control, and for a good reason. Its extensive technician training and service catalog ensures that no matter your problem, Orkin technicians will be able to resolve it. Orkin is also well known for its commitment to research and to continually improving its services and strategies.

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