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Clark Pest Control services California and Nevada with excellent customer service and green solutions for your lawn and your pest problems. The company has worked since 1950 to provide effective solutions.


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Targeted Services for Homes in the Western U.S.

The Western United States has a semi-arid climate that can vary greatly throughout each season. Homes in Nevada will usually encounter a variety of pests at different points throughout the year. In the summer, you may see more ants and different species making their way inside your home. This can include fire ants, carpenter ants, and regular house ants. In the wintertime, you may see more spiders coming in and looking for shelter, while ground squirrels outside are creating more burrows and disrupting your yard. To keep your home protected, invest in your local pest control company. Trained technicians understand the climate of Nevada and can recommend the best methods for your house and location. They’ll offer extermination services to remove the pests that you’re seeing, but they’ll also use preventative measures to keep you protected from the coming season’s next round of pests.

Quick, Efficient Solutions for Every Customer

Clark Pest Control has more than 28 locations throughout Nevada and California. Their technicians are specially trained to handle pests unique to your area, providing full-scope prevention and treatment options. Contact your local Clark Pest Control branch today to ask about services for termites, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, and more. One of the most beneficial services that Clark offers is its Year-Round-Pest-Away service. Clark pest control providers understand the different issues you can be dealing with throughout each season, so they use period inspections designed to keep your home secure year-round.

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